About Bikefast

Bikefast is everything everyday cycling in Belfast

Bikefast started life in 2012 as a Facebook campaign rallying point to fight moves to allow thousands of taxis into Belfast bus lanes. Bikefast brought together the general public, campaigners, CTC and Sustrans to successfully protest, petition and stop the plan.


But bus lanes were never really Bikefast’s fight, seeing as they’re not real cycling infrastructure. Ever since Bikefast has been quietly growing an audience interested in everyday cycling news, and watching in amazement as the Cycling Revolution begins to take hold in Belfast.

This site takes Bikefast on another step – proudly declaring a bold vision for how Belfast needs to develop as a modern, attractive place to live, work and play, with the bicycle one of many tools which can humanise our city.


Bikefast gives a voice to the growing band of everyday cycling citizens of Belfast, the city which gave birth to the modern bicycle in 1889 and watched it change the world. Now the bicycle is returning home and will change this city.

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