East Antrim Election Cycle 2017

When you go to vote on Thursday 2nd March 2017 in East Antrim cycling might not be your top priority, but where candidates stand might have a bearing on where you place your preferences. We contacted all of the candidates standing for election to the Northern Ireland Assembly – below you can see if they responded and what they think of our ask:

Will you commit to invest at least £10 per head of population on cycling measures and pledge to support and build upon the urban and rural cycling strategies launched since August 2015?

Roy Beggs (UUP)

“Happy to support.”

Ricky Best (Independent)

No response so far.

Stewart Dickson (Alliance)

“You have my full support.”

Danny Donnelly (Alliance)

“Yes I will.”

Alan Dunlop (Conservatives)

No response so far.

David Hilditch (DUP)

“I got back in the saddle last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it until I took pneumonia, I would support the cycling proposals.”

Noel Jordan (UKIP)

No response so far.

Gordon Lyons (DUP)

No response so far.

Margaret Anne McKillop (SDLP)

“Yes I support all three.”

Oliver McMullan (Sinn Féin)

“I can confirm that Sinn Féin supports your 3 key asks as detailed below:

  • Investment: Sinn Féin supports funding for cycling of at least £10 per head of population, so as to encourage safer cycling conditions and see more people start cycling
  • Greenways: Sinn Féin supports the Greenways Strategy and the development of traffic-free greenways across the country to boost rural regeneration and tourism.
  • Legislation: Sinn Féin supports the introduction of an Active Travel Act to incorporate cycling and walking provision into land-use planning and new developments.

“Post-election I look forward to continuing to work with you and your colleagues as we seek to emphasise the health and social benefits of cycling.”

Dawn Patterson (Green)

“Yes to each of the questions – the Green Party have committed to £25 per head on cycling.”

Stephen Ross (DUP)

No response so far.

Conor Sheridan (CCLA)

“In this election I will be continuing to support cycling being a keen cyclist myself after pledging my support in the previous election in 2016 too.

“Personally, I have managed to persuade more people to cycle to work and knowing the benefits of cycling,  I want cycling to be inclusive for the blind too and that’s why I support Richard Bradley in his campaign to bring tadems to Belfast.

“I will continue to call for investment of £10 as investment into our infrastructure is a big thing I want, if I were to be elected. I want to see cycling facilities at more train stations throughout East Antrim especially Larne.

“We know that cycling is enjoyable and I hope I can share my passion for cycling and fitness in the assembly if elected. A cycle route that I want to be explored is the a8 from the highways hotel to the roundabout at Millbrook as I hope that you can work with the likes of Ivex to encourage this amongst their workers.”

John Stewart (UUP)

No response so far.

Ruth Wilson (TUV)

No response so far.

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