Ciclovia Belfast 2 on the cards

Ciclovia Belfast looks set to return for a sequel as a Belfast City Council committee will decide next Wednesday on funding for the event.


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Ciclovia Belfast looks set to return for a sequel as a Belfast City Council committee will decide next Wednesday on funding for the event.

The committee agenda seen by Bikefast details the success of the first running last year and an outline plan for Ciclovia Belfast 2.

“Ciclovia Belfast 2016 event will take place during the Summer of 2016. The event will provide an opportunity to further promote the Council’s Public Bike Hire scheme.”


The first Ciclovia Belfast took place on 4th October 2016 backed by Belfast City Council, the PSNI, DRD, Sustrans, the Public Health Agency and delivered by The Pioneer Group.

A risky date in the middle of autumn paid off with glorious sunshine on the Sunday morning and around 1,500 people participating. This beautiful video by Jonathan Gaston gives a real sense of the unique atmosphere of the day.


The second running of Ciclovia is due to follow the same route as the first to help establish the event’s popularity with local businesses.

“The proposed route is starting and ending at City Hall (Bedford Street, Dublin Road, Botanic Avenue, Botanic Gardens) and the event will include animation along the route. The event in 2015 stimulated considerable business activity along the route through the hospitality sector.”

It is believed that future versions are planned to move around other areas of the city, with strong interest received from east and west.


Find out more about the Ciclovia Belfast event in October 2015 on the Ciclovia Belfast website.


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