Cycling snub at the Transport Hub

You’d hope that a £175M public investment in a Transport Hub to revolutionise city transport would mean a step forward for active travel in Belfast. Instead the big beasts of transport planning have once more prioritised car travel in an urban setting, with the needs of pedestrians and bicycle users and, shockingly, even Belfast Rapid Transit left to play second fiddle.

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When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

A reply to the Department of Infrastructure in defense of Belfast city centre pedestrians

Many thanks for your email of 5 July 2017. I've included the relevant pieces of our correspondence at the bottom of the article.

To summarise, as part of a welcome and revolutionary cycling scheme on Belfast's High Street, you've oddly tacked on a proposal to scrap a zebra crossing on nearby Castle Place. This is likely to be the country's busiest* dedicated pedestrian crossing, and you intend to replace it with.. a signal-controlled crossing which will necessarily prioritise vehicle movements compared to the current situation. 

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