Department for Infrastructure commits £12.5 million on urban cycling networks and greenways for 2019-20


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More fool you if believed the Department for Infrastructure was capable of simple, straightforward progress on cycling.


Actually doing things they should be doing today.


According to the combined road map laid out by three documents..

..the Department for Infrastructure at present should be committing “an annual spend of around £12.5 million per annum” on delivering approximately 9 kilometres of protected cycleways in Belfast each year, approximately 60 kilometres of rural greenways across the country each year, and by 2019 have begun work and public consultation on urban cycle network plans for cities like Derry.

None of this is happening.

The political situation is only a hindrance, not a barrier – these things had a clear ministerial direction set before the collapse of devolved government, giving civil service management room to act. A choice is being made not to progress strategic everyday cycling for transport.


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