Report: “Cyclist injured in crash with van on Belfast’s Ormeau Road”

A van being driven on Belfast’s Ormeau Road knocked a man off his bicycle this morning.


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A van being driven on the Ormeau Road knocked a man off his bicycle this morning:

“Police said the man was involved in a collision with a van at the junction of the road with Haywood Avenue on Wednesday morning.

He was knocked off his bike and taken to hospital. His injuries were described as not life-threatening.”
Full story on the Belfast Telegraph website.


It’s long been the case that the Ormeau Road has been the centre of cycling activity in Belfast, and continues to lead the way in these days of increased cycling levels.

Although the traffic-free pathways along the Lagan have supported this cycling hotpot, it’s time to look at building on this success by tackling a dedicated cycleway project along the actual arterial route of the Ormeau Road itself.

Every crash involving someone cycling on the Ormeau road reminds us all of Michael Caulfield who was killed after being struck by a lorry in 2011 and Northern Ireland’s first ghost bike locked to the Ormeau Bridge in his memory.

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