Belfast’s Middlepath scheme – almost there

The Department for Infrastructure’s (DfI) latest high-profile cycling scheme grasps the cycling revolution by the collar and gives it a much-needed shake. Taking away a vehicle lane in favour of a kerb-separated cycleway is a great sign for the forthcoming Belfast Bicycle Network Plan, but a few issues need to be corrected as the design consultation closes.

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New Year, new cycleway – Belfast putting itself on the map

A vehicle lane on one of Belfast’s main outbound arterial routes will be repurposed as a dedicated two-way cycleway in a revolutionary step for cycling in the city.

Middlepath Street takes strategic traffic from Belfast city centre towards the M3 motorway which links to the M1 (south), M2 (north) and A2 (northeast) and the key eastern corridor of the Newtownards Road.

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