Cyclist thrown into the River Lagan

A young man from the Shankill Road was “thrown head first” into the River Lagan from the towpath at Stranmillis on Sunday after he collided with another person while riding his bicycle.


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Collision on tow-path on Sunday afternoon leaves man shaken

A young man named Allen, of Northumberland Street, Shankill Road, whilst cycling along the Lagan tow-path on Sunday afternoon between the first and second locks collided with another youth, and was thrown head first into the river.


With assistance of some passers-by he was hauled ashore, very much shaken and soaked through, but apparently not much hurt.

A gentleman who witnessed the mishap invited the unfortunate man to his home in the Stranmillis district, where he was supplied with hot drink and a dry rig-out, after which he was able to proceed to his home by tramcar.

Many thanks to Barbara McClune for unearthing this newspaper clipping from 1926 (no further information) which was part of her grandfather Jim Maultsaid’s diary.

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